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The Guyanese diaspora is an educated and skilled community. In the United States, over half of working-age Guyanese are in professional, managerial, or sales occupations. Key occupations and industries reported by the Guyanese population in Canada include business, finance, administration and healthcare.  Unless the issue of “brain drain” can be addressed through convincing Guyanese with local tertiary degrees to remain in the country and through attracting diaspora members back to the country, development efforts in Guyana will remain undermined. The “brain drain” that has characterized Guyana since its independence has exacerbated Guyana’s chronic shortages of skilled labor. Although higher education institutions in Guyana are trying to implement more targeted education and training programs, the country’s persistent underdevelopment in recent decades and lack of professional opportunities continues to push many Guyanese to migrate overseas in search of better opportunities.

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